FT Uni-Clamp Screw Diameter M10-M24

• Material วัสดุ : S45C
• for work holding on machine.
• Made in japan

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Product Description

FT Uni-Clamp Screw Diameter M10-M24

Model : FT

• Material วัสดุ : S45C
• Finish : Body: Chrome Plate
• Full Length of Body ความยาว : 80~200mm
• เหล็กมาตรฐานสูง แข็งแรง สำหรับงานยึดแม่พิมพ์ ยึดชิ้นงาน

Dimension (mm)

  • Round shape of the washer and the body face enables firm tightening of products.

Specification รายละเอียด

Item No.Set contentsSet
Hex.nutBody and flex.washerStud boltT-slot nutweight (kg)
FT 10FTU 10FTBZ 10FTN 10100FTS 10120.27
FT 12FTU 12FTBZ 12FTN 12125FTS 12140.50
FT 14FTU 14FTBZ 14FTN 14150FTS 14160.86
FT 16FTU 16FTBZ 16FTN 16150FTS 16180.93
FT 18FTU 18FTBZ 18FTN 18175FTS 18201.92
FT 20FTU 20FTBZ 20FTN 20180FTS 20222.05
FT 22FTU 22FTBZ 22FTN 22200FTS 22263.62
FT 24FTU 24FTBZ 24FTN 24250FTS 24284.02

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• Body can still be attached even after the body tilt max. 24°
• Made in japan

Weight 00 kg

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